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Season Pass Bring-A-Friend Ticket Offer

Get discounted ticket for a family member or a friend.  Simply present your season pass card at any ticket box office and get the following discounted ticket all day on March 22nd and March 25th.

  • Kahuna Passholder Friend——19.99 美元+税
  • 黄金朋友——25 美元+税

不得与任何其他优惠、优惠券、促销或折扣同时使用。 需缴纳销售税,并且每张卡仅限一 (1) 张打折机票。 优惠不可转让或交换。 仅限当天访问有效。 持卡人必须在场。 优惠不可转让或交换。 您的 1 日门票不包含停车费、餐饮费、零售费、园内租金、按次付费景点和其他园内服务费用。 

Upcoming Dive’n’Movies & Special Events

  • 三月25: 黑亚当 (PG-13)
  • 8 月 XNUMX 日:奇怪的世界(PG)
  • April 29: Touch-A-Truck Day & Movie matinee at 12:00 PM featuring Cars (PG)
  • 27 月 XNUMX 日:Encanto(PG)
  • 29 月 2 日:电影日场:Sing XNUMX (PG)

Movie title is subject to change without notice. Showtimes are 12:00 & 5:00 PM unless noted otherwise. FREE blockbuster movie presentation at the wave pool with your Season Pass or paid admission ticket. Extended hours, prize giveaways, food & drink specials, and more!

没有季票? 立即以每张 2023 美元的价格购买 59.99 季通行证,即可免费升级到黄金级,或从黄金级支付 5 美元以上,即可获得价值超过 650 美元的 Kahuna 通行证! 加入我们的付款计划并每月支付,每张通行证 15 美元+税和在线费用,零利息。 点击 此处 获取更多信息。

Kahuna Pass Cabana Discount

CABANA 租赁优惠 25%

在线预订并获得 25% 的小屋租金。

Limited cabanas on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability. May not be combined with any other offer, coupon, promotion, or discount. Offer not transferable or exchangeable.  No refunds.  Book now while supplies last.  Limit to one (1) cabana per passholder per order and cardholder must be present at time of check-in.  VIP Cabana’s not available with your discount during Premium Pricing (school breaks, holidays, and Dive’n’Movie’s) Online booking subject to convenience fee. Season Pass number will be required at time of booking online for verification.

Don’t have a season pass number assigned to you? You must first activate your purchase towards an actual ID card at any season pass processing window during normal operating hours in order to access your full benefits.



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