Drop into the bowl at high speed and stay glued to its wall and whirl along the perimeter multiple times. Just when the whirling subsides, get ready for another ride as you will quickly be flushed out in the center of the bowl.Waimea Whirl

Our latest addition to our family of water raft rides, the Waimea Whirl. This two-person, rainbow-colored thrill ride is one the whole family can enjoy together.

Pair up on an inner tube or go solo then drop into the bowl at high speeds.  Riders are glued to its walls where they whirl around a funnel-shaped bowl before gravity flushes them down the drain – a colorful, long slide that lands in a splash pool.

Must be 48" to ride with a maximum combined weight capacity of 400 lbs for double tube or 250 lbs on single tube.

Hawaiian Waters Wave Pool Hawaiian Waters Wave Pool

Hawaiian Waters Wave Pool - Hit the surf at the massive Hawaiian Waters wave pool with over 400,000 gallons of water! Ride two-foot high swells similar to waves in Waikiki Beach on a tube or body surf for the ultimate ocean experience. For a more relaxing venture, Hawaiian Waters is also the perfect lounge location with its gently rolling waves in the shallow end.  

Tubers can ride the swells or chill out on smaller waves. All guests 48" and under are REQUIRED to wear a lifejacket in the wavepool and must be accompanied by an adult within arm's length each.  We insist that parents keep their children arm's reach for their close supervision on all water activities.  Life jackets are available free of charge at the wavepool and lockers.  When in doubt, wear a life jacket!

O-Hana HighwayO-Hana Highway

The best family white water rafting experience! Seven stories above the cliffs of Kapolei, guests slide down on family raft winding down over 600 feet along the walls, around sharp turns, and over steep drops giving your group tons of wall time. With descents of more than 40 feet, riders will love the rush that white water rafting brings. Perfect for an exciting family adventure! Must be 42" or taller to go on this ride. 2 to 3 riders per raft with a total maximum combined weight of 625lbs and a maximum of 250lbs per rider.

Waianae CoastersWaianae Coasters

Three coiling, unique slides equal tons of excitement for riders as they twist and turn through this complex of watery fun. The drops, dips and twists of the more than 320-foot of slides are not for the faint of heart on this adrenaline-pumping ride. Grab your tube and experience the rush of four different slides that takes you 4 ½ stories down a cliff. Choose from enclosed or open rides. Must be 48" or taller to go on this ride.

Big KahunaBig Kahuna

Grab a friend or two and launch yourself down the raging, rushing waters of the Big Kahuna. Feel the adrenaline pump through as you increase speed down the slopped flumes, and take on the quick twists and turns down to the very bottom. A fun-filled ride with two slides to choose from. A popular attraction for families with tubes carrying two to three people. Must be 48" or taller to go on this ride.