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  • About Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii
    Located in Kapolei, Oahu’s “Second City”, the park features more than 25 exhilarating attractions.
  • Hours
    The park is open nearly every day (except Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and all month long in summer. Check out the complete listing of hours.
  • Directions
    Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii is located in just off the H-1 Highway, approximately 20 minutes from Honolulu Airport.
  • Cabana Rental
    Private shaded cabanas provide guests with a sun lounges, deck chairs, and shade.
  • Park Services/Policies
    We offer a range of services for our guests including: shower and changing facilities, lockers, cabana rentals, lost and found, tube rentals and more!
  • Guest Safety Rules
    These rules are set forth for the purpose of protecting our guests.
  • Special Offers
    See what offers are available!
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