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Banana Lumpia Eating Contest Rules

1 Round = 4 Minute Time

  • All participating contestants must be 18 years of age or older as of October 14,, 2023
  • Selected participants will be posted at the Hi93 tent at 1:00pm
  • Contest will take place at 1:30pm and contestants must be present no later than 1:15.  Failure to show will result in disqualification.
  • Participation in this event will be at the discretion of the park, as they reserve the right to review an entrant’s qualifications and accomplishments
  • Prize winnings are subject to change prior without notice
  • Each participant will be given a box filled with 30 Banana Lumpia
  • Winners decided by volume of Banana Lumpia consumed in 4 minutes
  • Banana Lumpia cannot be touched or manipulated by eaters prior to start
  • Participant can drink as much room temperature (or colder) liquid while eating
  • Participant must finish one slice of Banana Lumpia prior to starting another
  • Any Banana Lumpia that passes the lips into the mouth must stay in the mouth
  • Banana Lumpia cannot be diluted or have liquids poured on
  • Banana Lumpia cannot be separated, torn or otherwise modified
  • Banana Lumpia cannot be mashed or balled
  • All reasonable efforts must be taken to keep food intact
  • For this event, Banana Lumpia must be picked up and eaten as they are intended to be eaten  
  • Any reversal during the 7 minutes of Banana Lumpia Eating Championship will result in immediate disqualification.
  • After the 7 minutes of the Banana Lumpia Eating Championship is over, a 30 second “Chipmunking Rule” is enforced where any Banana Lumpia that remains in the mouth must be cleared (eaten) in 30 seconds without using hands to clear it
  • Participant must show an empty mouth at the 30 second mark (or prior).
  • If Banana Lumpia remains in the mouth, a penalty will be assessed (additional ounce added)
  • After the 7-minute Eating Championship is over, a 2 minute “No Reversal Rule” is enforced (concurrent with the Chipmunking Rule) where any Banana Lumpia that is eaten must remain “down” for 2 minutes after the Eating Championship is over
  • If you are going to “reverse” step away and get out of everyone’s view
  • Be respectful of other participants and remain in your own eating area
  • If you are feeling sick, slow down or stop
  • If you catch someone cheating, please stay calm
  • All judges’ decisions are final!
  • Win AND lose, graciously
  • Once contest is over, the leftover Banana Lumpia is yours to keep!  BONUS!!!

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