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Special Features

Weight requirements on tubes at Tornado as follows:

Yellow Clover Leaf (2 – 4 rides):  maximum combined weight of 700 lbs.

Green Whirly Wheel (2 riders):  maximum combined weight of 700 lbs.

Height Requirements

Must be 48" or taller to go on this ride.

Located on the edge of Kapolei hills with stunning view of Oahu is the ultimate extreme water experience.  Guests begin their journey being catapulted from 50 feet in the air through a 130 foot tunnel before plummeting into the eye of the storm. Here guests will spin around the Tornado’s funnel in a two or four person clover-leaf tube splashing back and forth through the menacing, swirling water before being released into the calm shallows below.

No need to chase the storm as this enormous thrill slide grabs adrenaline addicts for an extreme experience they won’t soon forget.

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